vin-09When I first arrived at Paul Quinn College in the fall of 2008, I was immediately struck by the serenity of the campus. Before and after teaching class, I like to take time to walk the campus and spend time in the chapel. Just a few minutes of reflection and prayer, and everything is put into perspective, my day balances out and I look forward positively.

The first class of students I met that fall was the Presidential Scholars. They challenged me in many ways with their questions and their desire to learn negotiation strategies and techniques. I found myself going back to my books and notes to work harder on the lectures and in answering their questions. Their strong drive and obvious leadership abilities inspired me. I am proud to be a Quinnite.

Growing up in the Chickasaw Nation, I have always appreciated being a part of something greater than myself, such as a family, a tribe, a congregation . . . I see that same strong sense of community with the students, faculty and administration of Paul Quinn College and count myself lucky to share in that community.

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